Child Safety Seats In Limos

It is not required by law to have a Child Safety Seat in a commercially licensed vehicle, however we encourage you to do so and provide your own seat. It would be your responsibility to be sure your child is properly secured, not the chauffeur.

For legal liability reasons, we cannot supply you with a Child Safety Seat:

  • The seat we would supply for your child may be too large or too small and

    cause serious injury in the event of an accident.

  • Our chauffeurs are not trained in how to secure a child in a Child Safety Seat and

    we have a policy that our chauffeurs do not touch small children.

  • If a previous child had vomited, drooled or used the potty in the seat, your child

    could acquire germs or illness as a result.

  • Numerous Child Safety Seats have been recalled for manufacturers defects.

    We do not have the database available to know which ones are safe.

If you would like us to store your child safety seat while you are away, we will be glad to do that and put it in a large plastic bag. The transportation meeting you at the airport would have your seat that had been stored at our office. We charge $25 a week for seat storage.